Simla uses 80 to 100 year old, 100% pure Gurjan wood from Myanmar for its plywood products, recognized the world over as the best.

In fact we use 100% Gurjan both in core and in the face layers, so it as a whole is very well calibrated.

And in the face layers, our thickness (1.0 mm) is more than twice that of other plywoods (< 0.5 mm).

See how using this superior material helps give a better product.

Every sheet undergoes superior manufacturing which makes it get perfect smoothness and thickness and gives it a strong dimensional stability. See the Salient features of Gurjan plywood.

We are an ISO 9001:2008 company, maintaining quality processes right from raw material stage to the delivery of the end product to you.

Our products are tested. They conform to ISI specifications.

  • Sim-ply : IS-710
  • Sim-flex : IS-303
  • Sim-Board : IS 1659-1990

Our test certificates are shown alongside.