Fancy Plywood: Sim-Ven

This is a premier grade of fancy plywood made by having a premier grade (G1 Teak) veneer which is laminated on a high quality sheet of Gurjan.

The teak veneer has an eye soothing light golden colour.

Sim-Ven is layered only with Grade 1 quality Teak veneer having 0.3 mm thickness on its face which helps it to retain its original feel even after rigorous polish. As a result, there is no chipping of the face layer and any type finish can be attained on the top surface.

In comparison, other teak plywoods available in the market are only layered with Grade 2 / 3 quality Teak veneer having 0.15 mm thickness which causes the layers to chip off due to its abrasive surface. As a result such materials have a lot of wastage and the polishing done on such material becomes a laborious task.

Because rigorous polish is possible, it is possible to colour Simven into different shades. This make Simven an ideal choice for decorative plywoods.

It’s vibrant shades are engineered keeping in mind the aesthetic appeal of your home, office and general day to day surroundings.

While many types of veneered plywood break down and age quickly with the introduction of salt water, Sim-Ven actually benefits from being mopped with it. The best hardwood for marine projects is Sim-Ven Teak plywood.

Although teak plywood is mostly used on the exterior of a boat, because of its beauty it can also be used to design the interior of your home or office.

It is good to be used on any kind of furniture because it is durable and strong, along with providing the aesthetic appeal to the furniture due to the light golden brown teak.

Simven combines the natural beauty and durability of premier teak and the dimensional stability of Gurjan.