Flexible plywood: Sim-Flex

Flexible plywood is used for curved or hemispherical structures. It can even become circular without cracking or loosing its shape. It is so flexible that it can be flexed by human hand (in small radii), without the help of any supplements. What is more, it retains its shape over the long run.

The reason for its being able to get easily flexed is that it is made of Gurjan layers glued together such that the grains of adjoining layers are not at right angles to each other. Great care is taken to ensure this during the manufacturing via the calibration and pre-press technology.

And the reason why in the first place it does not crack when bent, but instead retains its strength and shape, is because it is made of Gurjan wood.

A 5 mm thick sheet can be effortlessly curved to make a circular structure of 4 inches dia.

This is a boon to architects and interior decorators.