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Why use Sim-ply

Sim-ply as well as other plywood products from Simla Agencies are made of pure Burmese gurjan, which is a 80-100 year old wood found in Myanmar. It has the following advantages over traditional plywoods:

  • Higher weight

Plywood is used mainly for its stability. Gurjan wood which is what we use has higher density and is therefore more dimensionally stable.

An 8 x 4 sheet of Gurjan wood weighs over 45 Kg, while any sheet of identical size of the best of other plywoods weighs less than 40 Kg.

No warping or bending and no delamination can occur with Sim-ply.

  • No core gaps

No water can seep inside as there are almost zero gaps in the core. Zero gaps also makes the wood less vulnerable to termites, borers and other microorganisms.

  • Superior nail holding ability

The panels are well made due to the superior manufacturing of sheets by Simla. They can withstand any screw, nail, nut or bolt. Other plywoods split up, causing wastage, need for repairs and increase cost.

  • Wide range

Our range of Burmese Gurjan products includes:

  • Plywood
  • Flexible plywood
  • Block Board
  • Veneer plywood